• Helping the planet 1 step at a time

    Helping the planet 1 step at a time

    At Higher Living we are looking at new and innovative ways to give back to the planet. 

    • First tea company to be produced in a CARBON NEUTRAL factory. 
    • 1% For the Planet. We are proud member of 1% For the Planet which we give 1% of annual sales to 4 charities around the world. 
    • Plant a tree with every order. We are now working with Ecologi an organisation that plants trees to support the affects of deforestation. With every order placed on our website we plant 1 tree 
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  • The perfect tea for winter

    The perfect tea for winter

    The best cure for chilly days is our Echinacea & Cherry tea. New to the Higher Living range. 

    This delicious blend of hibiscus, sweet cherries and echinacea is perfect for giving your immune system a boost. With its crisp fruity flavour, this tea is refreshing and invigorating. 

    • Naturally caffeine free
    • Produced in a carbon neutral Factory
    • Bold and bursting with flavour
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  • Travel in Style

    Travel in Style

    What's new with Higher Living!

    Higher Living has launched a brand new range of Keep Cups to keep your delicious teas warm on the go.

    Our Keep Cups are made from fully tempered soda lime glass and feature a beautiful, natural cork band. They are made in Portugal using waste product from wine manufacturing. 

    Now available on our website to purchase!

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  • 1% For the Planet

    1% For the Planet
    “As a family business we feel we deserve to give back and leave the world in a better place than we found it.” Keith Garden-  Managing Director
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