• Summery Very Berry Ice Lollies

    Summery Very Berry Ice Lollies

    Who doesn't enjoy an ice cream on a hot summers day! Try a healthy alternative - our Very Berry Ice Lollies! These are a refreshingly delicious alternative which are also vegan and low in calories. Treat yourself on the beach, in your garden or where ever you like.

    Higher Living has created a new recipe for the whole family to enjoy and is super easy to follow! To make Very Berry ice lollies you will need an ice lolly mould and a few ingredients: 

    350ml of boiling water

    100g of your favourite berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries…)

    1 teaspoon of sweetener (honey, maple syrup or agave)

    3 teabags of Higher Living Very Berry

    Half a lemon/lime.



    Brew the 3 bags of Higher Living Very Berry in freshly boiled water for 5 minutes. Take out the teabags and add the sweetener. Stir the brew so the sweetener can dissolve completely. Then add the half lemon and leave it to cold down for a bit.


    Add the berries to the Ice lollies moulds and then pour the infusion in. Leave it on the freezer for 5 hours. After this time your Very Berry ice lollies are ready to eat so, bon appetit!


    Some tips:

    - You can add some leaves of mint to give a fresh touch to your ice lollies.

     As you can see, this recipe is very versatile and you can try it with other Higher Living teas. You have more than 30 to try!


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  • Trying to reduce caffeine? 5 tips to help you on your way

    Trying to reduce caffeine? 5 tips to help you on your way

    Need a break from caffeine?

    A great way to reduce caffeine content is to gradually ease yourself into the caffeine free life. Here are 5 top tips to help you on your way:


    Don’t go straight into caffeine free drinks. If you’re anything like me I love a caffeinated drink in the morning. However, you can still reduce your caffeine by drinking different teas. Our green and white teas are great for giving you a small ‘buzz’ but they are healthier than black teas of coffee, having a lower caffeine content.

    It is known that the average caffeine content of a coffee is 95mg -200mg in a 8oz cup. Our black, green (including Morning Mojo) and white teas have a caffeine content between 40-120mg, black teas being at the max. and White Teas at the min.


    After you have gradually reduced your caffeine content with green and white teas you can switch to herbal teas. Herbal teas will give you plenty of energy, hydrating your body. Don’t listen to people who say it doesn’t taste as good. There are plenty of flavours from spice to sweet to fruity, there will always be a blend for you.


    If you are needing a boost, ginseng is the perfect herb. Ginseng is caffeine free but will still give you a boost of energy that you need. After roughly a week your energy levels will be back and you will feel better then you do when drinking coffee. Ginseng is found in our Morning Mojo, this does have a small caffeine content but will give you boost without the fall.


    When you do crave caffeine, take a small bite of chocolate and this will be enough to stop your craving. Our Cocoa & Chilli will be pleasant if you are wanting a treat to get rid of your crave, containing Cocoa Peel. Yes, this does contain caffeine but the trick is to gradually reduce caffeine.


    If you are planing to completely get rid of caffeine, we advise to do this at a time that you are not under a lot of stress or at demanding times. Going cold turkey will include headaches and fatigue which will not be great at busy times.

    We have many different teas that will help you on your way to reducing caffeine to virtually nothing. Have a quick peak at our caffeine free range!

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